One of my old bands, Carnal Knowledge, took a couple of months in between playing our first show and releasing a demo, so for awhile no one had any access to our music unless they saw us live. We ended up hearing that people thought one of our songs, Just Green Eyes, which was about internalized sexism and girl hate was actually called “Just St. Ides,” “Suck Me Off” and a few other misheard things. This was very funny to us.

We recorded our demo with the instruments live on an 8 track. As the drummer, I had a lot of down time while Jessy and Lauren did vocals, and Diane and Rashida punched in guitar and bass stuff, so I figured I’d write new lyrics with our friends’ misinterpretations of the song. On the last day of mixing, Diane and I took a track of the song we were gonna trash and sang over it, then broke a bunch of glass bottles at the end. And we never officially released it… until now. You can listen to both of them above, lyrics below.

Carnal Knowledge- Carnal Misconceptions

Get your Olde E away from me, I don’t want none of that
No Miller High Life, Natty Ice, Coors, Bud Light, or Pabst
Drinking with the patron Saint
Just St. Ides, just St. Ides
Not tomorrow, I can’t wait
Just St. Ides, Just St. Ides
Get your coochie away from me, I don’t want none of that
No finger bangs or stinky wangs, I’d rather take a bath
Gettin’ head’s my favorite yet
Suck me off, suck me off
Can’t take it dry, only take it wet
Suck me off, suck me off

ALSO, go find the Carnal Knowledge stuff! I found the tape in my car not that long ago and it rips!



fed up fest day 2

burial permit//discipline//aye nako//sorrows//curmudgeon//in school//limp wrist

What a phenomenal weekend. My body hurts from endless mash pits

Krista (lonelyboyfabrications) and Bidi ripping it! WOO!

Don’t sleep on Sorrows or In School! OMG!

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in school//fed up fest//7.26.2014

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Bobbi Lynn: Earthquake

brilliant soul track; the key change on the chorus-to-fade is totally unnecessary though.

A lot of songs about disasters in this era, you know?


The Upsetters - Taste of Killing

Someone once described this to me as “Rasta Video Game Music.” I’m pretty sure they had no idea what they’re talking about but, I liked the new name of a potential genre.